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I love food.
I blog the food I cook and buy.
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I tend to food repeat.
is a

Mmmmm burritos.
Cinnamon French toast with banana, chocolate custard and maple syrup.
Chocolate truffles.
Cheesey chickpea, tomato and bean taxi flavoured mix.
Channa masala.
Pomodoro e panna penne.
Chili-bean burrito, lime cous cous & baked potato with home-made guacamole + salsa.
Chickpea burger pattie, spinach, onion, relish.
Chili con-carne on baked potatoes.
American feast: Vegetarian hotdog with chili-cheese beans and home-made onion rings.
Frijoles con queso! My all time favourite Mexican food. I finally perfected it and have made it a billion times this week! (kidney beans, onion, garlic, capsicum, chili, cheese.)
I baked chocolate chip cookies.
Home made strawberry and apple pies. This was my first time making strawberry pie.. Was delicious.
Relish and Periperi lemon and herb burger with onion, tomato and spinach. (quorn chicken.) deliciousness!
Preparing to make Channna Masala. I set it all out so those not familiar with Indian cuisine could appreciate the ingredients that go into a single dish.